Running Tips - Sweat: It's A Good Thing

Most people don't like to sweat. They don't like being wet and sometimes smelly. However, runners know that sweat is a good thing. Sweating is the result of your body doing its job. Read on to find out why sweating is good for you.

First of all, sweat is your body naturally cooling itself when you are hot. As you run, your body produces sweat as you heat up. The sweat helps to cool your body and keep your normal body temperature. So, actually the more that you sweat, the better your body is helping you to cool down and keep from overheating.

As you sweat during running, your heart works more. As your heart works more, your circulation improves. As this happens, your pores open up. Then, many of the oils and impurities that are in your body exit. So, sweating actually helps cleanse your body.
And, not only is it good for you inside, the opening of your pores and getting rid of the impurities will also help your skin. It will seem smoother and will sometimes have a healthy glow to it.

Here are a few other benefits of sweating. A few studies have also found that your immune system is strengthened from running. As your body heats up it will generate more white blood cells. This is what will help you stay healthy. It will also help you if you have some little bug to help get it out of your system quicker. I'm a perfect example of this. I had a case of the shingles several years ago. During this time, I made myself run a mile each day. I firmly believe that sweating the toxins out of my system cured me quicker. I was over them in a week!

Your metabolism also increases when you are running and sweating. And, as you know, this will lead to calorie burning. And, finally, sweating can help you with stress relief. So, it's good for your mind, also!

There are some runners that actually have problems with not producing enough sweat. This can be harmful because their body is not cooling itself as it should. And, if not watched carefully, it can lead to more serious problems.

I don't know about you, but I love to sweat! I love the feeling that I get after a nice run - my wet skin feels good to me! And, it's even better knowing that it's good for me. But, even though sweating is good for you - you still want to wear technical clothing when you run. It will work with your natural sweat as you run and keep you running cool, comfortably and healthy.


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